ICBC Settlement Timelines

How long does it take to get my ICBC settlement?

You may feel pressured to make a settlement with ICBC shortly after your accident. In most cases you would normally want your injury to have resolved or at least plateau before you resolve your claim or discuss an ICBC settlement.  John ensures you settle your claim at the appropriate time so that you get the settlement you deserve. We would always discuss these issues and it is your decision when to settle.

When the time comes to resolve the claim, we would obtain a detailed medical legal report from your doctor describing the nature of your injury, the treatment and progression of your injuries since the accident, as well as the doctor’s prognosis.  This is why it is important to see the doctor on a regular basis throughout your claim. This report, together with the other evidence we obtain and, of course, how the injury has affected you, are used to come up with an ICBC settlement figure.

We would then review matters and I would give you my opinion. You would then provide your instructions to me to make an offer to settle.

While most cases settle, you have the option of pursuing legal proceedings. Mediation and other settlement procedures are available after legal proceedings have been commenced, or you can proceed to trial and have the judge decide. It is, of course, your decision.

ICBC settlements can be complex and  multifaceted with a range of solutions available. Call John today for experienced legal representation and to ensure you get the ICBC settlement you deserve.

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