Business Incorporation

Your accountant may suggest it is time to incorporate your business.

This may have some tax advantages which your accountant will discuss with you. We can then meet with you and discuss the process. The first step is for you to come up with a name for the company which must be approved by the registrar of companies. If you give us the preferred named, we can take care of the name approval for you. We would then prepare the necessary papers, you would sign them, and we would incorporate the company. We can also act as the registered and records office for the company and take care of filing the annual reports.

We can also assist you if your company is from another province and you wish to operate in British Columbia.

Your bank may tell you that, in order to operate your bank account, you need to register your business even though it is not incorporated. We can assist you in registering your business name. You would go through the name approval process and then register the name. This is not incorporation; it is simply registering your business name.

Incorporate Your Business