Injury Lawyer Services

What does the injury lawyer do for me?

Personal injury lawyers represent and protect your interests in dealing with the ICBC adjuster who is representing the interests of the other driver.

John and his team will deal with the ICBC issues and let you focus on your medical recovery.

  • We will obtain and prepare the documentation necessary to pursue your claim.
  • We will obtain the evidence necessary to properly advance your claim. We will assess the value of your claim and carry out the negotiations with the ICBC adjuster to attempt to settle your claim.
  • We will attend to commencing and pursuing any legal action that needs to be advanced.
  • We will carefully explain each part of the process and keep you abreast of any changes to your case or claim.

While the vast majority of cases settle without going to court, you have the option of pursuing the legal proceedings.

A competent and thorough personal injury lawyer is the key to ensuring that you get the settlement you deserve.

As your injury lawyer, John will be there to talk to you and answer any questions you may have throughout the whole process, explaining the issues and range of options with respect to your case and claim. You are not alone. With John Davis on your side, you will get the settlement you deserve.

“As my injury lawyer John fought hard to get me the best settlement in a very complex case where I was injured but deemed to be partially to blame for the accident. I would highly recommend John and his staff for your ICBC claim.” – Michael C.

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