Personal Injury Lawyer Costs

When do I hire a personal injury lawyer and what does it cost?

Personal injury cases are very complex and the amount of work a personal injury lawyer does to ensure the best possible results can vary greatly.

John does not charge for the initial consultation and if he takes your case, legal fees are calculated on a percentage of what is recovered and are not payable until your claim is finished. This is called a Contingency Fee.

Contingency fees are a type of fee paid to a lawyer acting on behalf of a client in a case, especially a suit for damages. The lawyer’s fee becomes payable only if the case is successful. Contingency fees are usually based on a percentage of the damages recovered. (Source: Law Society of British Columbia)

It is in your best interest to hire John Davis as your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident as it allows him and his team to control the obtaining of your personal information and allow you to review it before ICBC or any third party gets to see it. In addition, it allows John to be more familiar with you and your claim if he is involved from the beginning. Fees are calculated on a percentage of your ultimate reward so it does not cost you any more money to hire John and his team right away.

With John as your personal injury lawyer, you will not have to worry about up-front legal fees as you navigate through your case.

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