What happens if I’m involved in a collision and ICBC offers me a settlement that isn’t fair?

If ICBC offers you an unfair settlement, you have no right to sue for damages in court and have an independent judge or jury decide what is fair.  Through Canada’s constitution, courts are independent from the government.  Instead, the proposed no fault insurance scheme forces you to appeal to entities that are hired and fired by the government, like the ICBC “ fairness commissioner”, the “Civil Resolution Tribunal” (CRT) or an “ombudsman”.

In no fault, you must apply for benefits, and you are not awarded one-time lump sum damages. This means that only people who can afford to pay a lawyer by the hour will have legal representation to challenge ICBC decisions, which will result in two-tier justice, one system for the wealthy and one for everyone else. The overwhelming majority of British Columbians will be forced to deal with ICBC on their own for weeks, months, years, or indefinitely, depending on how serious their injuries are.

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